It does not take much to inspire me. Last night as I flew from Miami towards Savannah, the full moon was reflected in the water with Miami’s lights behind and faint gray pink cumulus clouds at the top of the mind’s canvas. Always there is a canvas. Perhaps that is why I like the kimono. It is a Great Coat canvas. Today, visiting with my friend Laurie Linen Lovell, I went to a new art store in downtown Savannah. New types of pencils, paints, huge papers, tiny canvases. So much with which to experiment. Then we came back to Laurie’s place and we checked out her new studies and ideas and the things she has collected from which she sees potential for art making. Her house is full of natural found objects that she manipulates as college, weaves into hangings, presses into clay, spins into fibers. Wow! Tomorrow we visit my first mentor, Nancy Terry Hooten. Nancy creates sculpture from beads. Laurie and I can’t wait to see her new work. There is inspiration every where. Once it gets inside of your being, it is found in the smallest of things and the bigness of things and in the everyday-ness of things.

Bring it back

I watch my six year old grandson enter into a blank sheet of paper or a computer PhotoShop screen with his whole mind and his whole heart.  No FEAR!  I watch my high school students resist the opportunity of expression every day.  But, they can fill in the blanks and do short answers out of a book-no problem!  How can I get them to understand that it is important to exercise that part of themselves that separates an individual from those around him/her?  That it is important to exercise that part of themselves that unites with God, the group consciousness, and creative force field.  It seems that sorta thing would be so interesting even if just experimental.   The Hundredth Monkey, that enchanting number that will set us free.  Enter, Stacey.  Would love for you to tell us what you learn from your photographs.  !