Gallery Work

       Gallery work uses Cindy Male CAD fabric, sublimation dye printed on poly canvas, as reference to what Rupert Sheldrake called the ‘morphic field’, Ervin Laszlo called ‘psi field’, and the Yoruba coined as ‘ashe‘, the force that makes things happen.  The rhythm and repetition of the CAD printed fabric on which the acrylic image is painted is symbolic, for me, of non-physical energetic and vibrational states which may be accessed through any form of meditation, most engagingly, again, for me, the arts and yoga. The repetitive or random design pulses an energetic, rhythmic wave ready to manifest as particle.  The over painting offers additional information to that which is manifested and the embellishment that finishes the overall image is a free flowing, spontaneous documentation of my feelings and state of mind at the time. The transparency of the painted image weaves in and out of the spacial dimensions within the work.The work moves from cognition, to free association, to spontaneity.  Drawing from the life is ALWAYS the beginning of all my efforts.  Drawing from life does not copy, it informs.

Acrylic on Cindy Male CAD fabric with encaustic drawing

Acrylic over painting on Cindy Male CAD Sub-dyed canvas fabric with encaustic embellishment



“Malakai” – A drawing from life. Nothing like a sleeping model!



“The Wave and the Particle” Acrylic over paint on CAD Sub-dye canvas



“Wefting the Warp of Potentiality I” Acrylic over painting on Cindy Male CAD sublimation printed canvas fabric.


"Wefting the Warp of Potentiality II" Cindy Male CAD poly poplin fabric with encaustic embellishment

“Wefting the Warp of Potentiality II” Cindy Male CAD poly poplin fabric with acrylic over painting and encaustic embellishment

“Ah a We Ah One” Cindy Male CAD sub-dye canvas fabric with acrylic over paint 
Anahata Dyptich“Anahata Dyptich”  CMale CAD Sub-dye canvas fabric with acrylic over paint


  1. Ademola Olugebefola

    Cindy, I am so impressed with your ‘new’ – or even more descriptive – “evolved” body of work.
    It is stunningly beautiful and masterfully crafted…..evidenced by your attention to detail but still as flowing and refreshing like a spring breeze. The work is embracing, exhilarating and exudes the spirit of love that You personify. . All I can say is WOW and congratulations on reaching new plateaus!.

  2. Debra Aronstein

    Cindy your new work is wonderful. You never cease to amaze me. I love everything about your art.

  3. Amanda Bicknell

    These are absolutely incredibly beautiful, Cindy. They’re at once complex and delicate; not an easy thing to master.
    A former student, always friend


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