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The purpose of art is to promote an uplifted  awareness beyond the mundane of contemporary belief. Realizing ‘ah ha’ moments through art making brings ART HISTORY to a personal level.
“I learned to see, to really see.  How light fell on things, how new growth on a plant begins to unfold, which colors complement or are a composite of each otherand to relax and let the eye be drawn into art or nature.  Cindy’s class is a “seeing” experience in every way.”
-Barbara Richards, St. Croix, USVI



August Sturgeon Full Moon Workshop


Producing no light of her own, the moon’s subtle energy as a reflection of the sun, offers us an environment for reflection, contemplation and clarity. When it is at its fullest, it brings increased restorative and intuitive energy that can be used for creativity and action.

Where: One Body Holistic Center, 8603 Atwood Street, Savannah, GA
When: Monday, August 7th, 2017 at 6:30 PM
Why: To celebrate the intuitive creative flow of energy strengthened by the full moon.
To understand your personal archetypal energy and To have fun with ART and YOGA
How:  Bring art materials as we continue to build a work of art that develops from YOUR being into a finished piece through personal exploration, the study of formal aspects, intuitive processes, appropriation, and creativity development.
Cost: $45

“Caribbean Influence on Global Art”  mp3 download or PDF

call 3401.277.89651 or  

-6 two and a half hour sessions
-opens and strengthens body, mind and spirit
– enhances intuition and focus
– synthesizes knowledge
– develops creativity and stimulates artistic direction
– classes include: breathing, meditation, principles of yoga drawing, painting, principles of art, art/yoga history, philosophy, and practice,  journal and tea


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  1. Sharon Spence Lieb

    Hi Cindy, Are you teaching any art classes in Bluffton or Hilton Head? I would like to take your classes. I’m a travel journalist, author of 300 travel articles and live in Bluffton. Love your art!
    Sharon Spence Lieb


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