Stop The Bleeding, a non profit in the Virgin Islands, is in the process of completing a music video entitled, “Believe”.   Padric Coursey is editing and producing and Michael Nissman worked the camera.  It was shot at various places on the island including Tutu’s and The Guadeloupe Projects across from Alfredo Andrews.  The concept is to believe in yourself, the opportunities that are available to you,  the options you have in your life, and not to let anything keep you down.,,especially a closed mind.  Open your mind to the possibilities that are right there in front of you.  It is an excellent venture and I am so pleased that Stop The Bleeding put forth the time and effort to involve teens in this project.

This is one step the government has taken that shows the vision necessary to perceive this same concept for the collective VI mind, the Virgin Islands community.  To open one’s mind, or in this case, a group of minds, means to deliver it from all that keeps it restricted.  It means to make every effort to eliminate ignorance and all false perceptions and prejudice projections. Look at the facts.  The Caribbean has what the world needs.

First:  A hodgepodge of people from all over the world that has for more than five hundred years been living together and, by the necessity of limited space and hard decisions, had to work together.
Second:  A regenerative energy within nature that heals and cleanses.
Third:  A year round climate that offers its gifts 24/7/360.
Fourth:  The ability to be self sufficient in terms of green energy and food production.  So much we have to learn.  How exciting it is.  And so much we could have to teach.

So, then, what holds us back?  Selfish ego, negative attitude, and non-cooperation.  Who better to lead in this region’s growth than the US Virgin Islands?   Is not the larger picture of productivity and peace a more important picture than the image of the past.  A new paradigm for our world is being made.  Are you in or are you out ?  Are you on the bus or are you off ?  As Bob Dylan said many years ago, If you can’t lend a helping hand, get out of the way”.

Being an artist means reaching beyond earthly environment to touch the Golden Gifts (Robert Bly, “Iron John”) that teach us to know our Most High Selves.  We are all artists here to create, and through our creativity we do our Best Work.  Get to know and love your artist self.    BELIEVE and CREATE.