“Island Clouds” on the far left. “Yin and Yang” on the right. In the house of Mike Sissem, St. Croix, USVI. Hand painted silk organza hung in front of hand painted silk habutae. See reference videos for more examples.



video: Fine Art –
Wall Hangings & Fabric Installations

video: Applied Art –
Murals & Fabric Installations for more commissioned pieces.




“Yin and Yang” in Sissem house. A dark fabric is more transparent than a light one, thus the sun shows through the dark dye of the moon organza.




My fine art drives the applied work. My love of buildings and inclination towards mathematics has given me a passion for installation art. My portfolio shows diverse “site specific” installations and mural work created to enhance design elements and architectural features without dividing, cluttering, or inhibiting the flow of energy within the space.I use custom fabric design to add emphasis and definition.

"Island Clouds" Hand painted silk habutae under hand painted silk organza

“Island Clouds” Hand painted silk habutae under hand painted silk organza





Twenty-four piece fabric installation in the rafters of the Savannah Yacht Club. Hand painted cotton and Hand painted poly. “Wind and Water”


“Non Duality” commissioned by April Hayes / Details below

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    I do love your work.


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