The self-portrait happens. It presents itself as subject matter at various times throughout an artist’s life, and when entertained, the resulting image is always revealing. It is especially revealing in retrospect. Sometimes it presents itself symbolically or abstractly and may not be identified as a self-portrait until years pass.

A self-portrait can mend, amend, discard, and disregard. It can be healing. It can be directive. When an artist concentrates on a subject, self or otherwise, the mind begins to make associations. It begins to open, to relax, and to move into higher frequencies that bypass normal thought pathways. It begins to create new links, new associations, and offer new considerations for inspiration of expression. Fresh perception equals a new mirror for reflection, preparation, intervention.

The self-portrait differs from artistic meditation. Meditation goes beyond bypassing personal interstates of thought patterns that engage the creative mind. Meditation clears and reprograms. There need be no association, no past, present, or future; there is just heightened sensitivity and expanded perceptual experience. As with any artistic investigation, the self-portrait can uplift energetic field to connect with expanded consciousness. The creation of a self-portrait, no matter how revealing, does not naturally lead to a meditative state. But, with a bit of Grace and clear focus, it just might!
spsketch alhambra