Non-linear Time

Five years ago, I left my home in South Carolina to a couple of young in love students to live until I could reclaim the space.
This past August, I returned and was taking my furniture out of the upstairs garage area.  Slowly, day by day, returning the stuff to living conditions in the detached house.  Finally I got the area cleared and began organizing the storage space into my art studio once again.  As I cleared the drawing table, there were two in process drawings, one in process painting, and two drawings ready to be put on canvas.  Wow!  What a find!  Not only did I have my studio back, but I had work begun ready to move forward.  Funny thing is, I remember having this work and not being sure how I wanted to resolve it.  Now, five years later and many other pieces completed and a new style evolving, I can see clearly how these pieces fit into the thought process and were in fact the forerunners of this current body of work.  Point is, right brain non- linear, multitasking aspects of the self sure are exciting and can be relied on to produce exploration and creativity. It may not appear so at the time.  It may be difficult to just leap into something different and obscure.  But, the totality in the end is remarkable.  DeeAnna Brown sings of this aspect of life in her songs, “wouldn’t it be better as a surprise”, and the lyrics in “taking the leap”.  Breathe and live and breathe and let your life be an experiment in Faith. And breathe again.  What a surprise and lesson these five long ago efforts were.