GOD ~ Generating, Organizing, Destroying

The cycle of human evolution develops the same as a child from birth to death. We are each a holon, functioning autonomously and in community, complete as an individual and as cells of our human collective organism. Failure in either aspect creates disease on the local and/or global level. Failure on either level creates dysfunction and requires necessary change. This is where the Goddess Khali comes forth. The Goddess of Death and Destruction makes way for new ideas and begins a new cycle.

An idea is generated. It is manifested within the individual and is projected into the ethers. Emotions become involved. Thought is accordingly revised or continues its same cycle, individually and communally. They say timing is everything and in the world of ideas, when a Truth has its time, the new thought generates cultural and evolutionary change. The artistic styles of the Old Kingdom, Middle Kingdom, New Kingdom; Archaic, Golden, Hellenistic; Early Christian, Romanesque, Gothic; Renaissance, Baroque, Rococo; and re-visitation through Neo-Classic, Romantic, and all the various Academic art periods of our modern age, follow (or lead, depending upon how closely you inquire) science and technological innovations. We are and have been providing the decadence and destruction necessary to produce a New Idea. The time has come and the cycle is begun. We have the science and technology. We have the emotional impetus. This time, however, instead of re-visiting (again and yet again) we must know that the war is not of the earthly plane. The war is within. Do YOUR work. YOU are responsible for YOUR cell. Change YOUR cell and YOU contribute to change in the direction of humanity.

Halley’s comet is “a forlorn mass of rock and ice, a few miles across, caught in endless revolution around our sun. Now an object, not an omen, it is the source not of panic but of curiosity,” wrote Charles Krauthammer in The Washington Post, December 13, 1985 before the comet’s appearance in 1986.  He goes on to say, “”This is the first time in history that Halley’s will bring wonder unalloyed with fear. Halley’s has turned into a celebration, a scientific romance.”

My point is, everything in life is in rhythm. We should not be fear based on the decadent times we live in. We should embrace the opportunity of the times we live in. We should prepare ourselves and push the change that is possible forward. We have the tools.  Nourish yourself.  Your pranayama, kriya, mantra, and meditation will help you to do so.  Your practice can help you create a Happy, Healthy and Holy individual that will function as a Happy, Healthy and Holy cell for your global being.