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          Kundalini Yoga is the yoga of self awareness.  Through regular practice, there lies the potential of knowing and feeling the infinite within the finite. Through practice, the central nerve system extends the grasp of the brain to the potential of infinite creativity.
Why:  To utilize the quantum technology of the body, raising energetic levels of mind, body, and spirit.
Why:  To heal, relax, promote focus, compassion, confidence, and peace.

Kundalini Yoga and Meditation with Cindy Male is a one and a half hour session that includes pranayam, warm up, tune in, kriya, meditation, savasana. There are interjected reiki and qui gong offerings.

Classes at 209 W. 38th Street, Savannah, GA will resume January 6, 2020 and end the week of February 17, 2020.

The second series of classes for 2020 will focus on an annual recharging of the chakras and begin on March 9, 2020.


This six-week FAV SETS series beginning on Jan 6th will focus on twelve of my favorite Kundalini kriyas.  Two classes are held every Monday, one at 11:00 AM and 6:30 PM.  Class is held on Wednesday at 11:00 AM.  Breath, Balance, Meditation will accompany.  Monday classes will focus on the same information.  Wednesday’s class will be a different session.  Oh, Yep….there are more than twelve sessions here.  I will pick and choose OR you can let me know which you would like to see happen in your class. *Mon/+Wed

*Kriya for the Sciatic Nerve stretches the sciatic nerve, stimulates the colon and the liver, stimulates meridian points in the arms, adjusts lumbar vertebrae numbers 3, 4, 5, and 6; adjusts the hips; and offers proper alignment of the neck.  It is active in all areas of the body. I love it!

+Flexibility and the Spine ejects residual poisons and drugs from the muscle tissue.  It works the complete spine.  There are many exercises in this kriya and few rest periods.  It includes Sat Kriya.

*Nabhi Kriya aids digestion by stimulating both the upper and the lower digestive areas, gives strength to the lower back, activates and balances the third chakra, sets the navel point and the hips. ‘Nabhi’ refers to the nerve plexus around the navel point. This kriya gets the abdominal area in shape quickly and activates the power of the third chakra!

+Kriyas for Cleansing and Purification will focus on breath, lungs, skin, and prana/apana.  We will work with the Sitali Pranayam which is known to sooth and cool the spine as well as lowering fever.  It has powers of rejuvenation and detoxification.  Love this!

*Kriya for Conquering Sleep is a great workout! Seriously, if you put the effort into this kriya, it will eliminate sleep disturbances.  We will include Eagle and Crow balancing postures and the Dragon Qui Gong movements. You will want to sleep!  Immediately!

+Alligator Set is a kriya for the navel center and glands.  It is a great workout for the arms and the third chakra.  Attached to this workout will be a breathing exercise just for the navel center.

*Transforming the Lower Triangle to the Upper Triangle is another great workout! You will move the energies of the lower organs into the higher brain structures:  pituitary, pineal, and memory glands. The kriya offers opportunities for enthusiastic breathing and gives clarity of thought and clear eyes.  After this kriya, meditation becomes automatic.

+The exercises in Balancing the Right and Left Brain and State of Mind work on breaking up deposits in the shoulders, removing toxins in the lymph and spleen, stimulating capillaries releasing blood supply and stimulating the pituitary, thyroid and parathyroid glands.

*The Magnetic Field and Heart Center Kriya employs life nerve stretch, stomach pumps, Maha Mudra and other invigorating exercises to coordinate and repair the nervous system by stimulating the heart center and balancing the psycho-electromagnetic field.  In turn this gives an individual a feeling of happiness, connection and well being.

+The Kriya for Awakening Your Ten Bodies addresses the Soul Body, Negative Mind, Positive Mind, Neutral Mind, Physical Body, Arc Line, Auric Body, Pranic Body, Subtle Body, and Radiant Body.  This kriya ends with the Laya Yoga Meditation sending energy from the base of the spine to the top of the head.

*The Kriya for Immunity works on the thymus and stimulates cellular oxidation with vigorous push pull exercises in the arms, legs and lower back.  This work out prepares you for complete relaxation and meditation to clear the mind, body, and soul of toxins and negative energy.

+Kriya for Disease Resistance and Morning Sadhana builds physical strength and strong metabolic balance keeping digestion and elimination functioning well.  This session will be aerobic moving from one posture to the next quickly.

*Kriya for Addiction and Trauma Recovery will work with Opposite Nostril Breathing to help to clear the cobwebs from our minds, calm our emotions, and balance out the hemispheres of our brains.  Breath of fire is crucial for oxygenating the blood and clearing away the debris.  We will also be working the lungs, liver, and glandular strength, ending with Ganpati Mantra. In Kundalini Yoga, we activate the energy centers in our bodies that bring us balance, and essentially make our own calming and/or mood altering drugs naturally.  AND, P.S. ~ Service work and helping others is essential for recovery. So look around you!  Someone needs your help today!

+Guru Gobind Singh carved us into Saints and Soldiers because he knew we needed the Courage to rise up and face any difficulty in any areas of our lives with Humility and Grace, as a saint. In the Kriya to Balance the Sage and the Soldier we will work with the electro magnetic field of the Earth for support in understanding and knowing that all of the friction you might experience in your world is the fuel and raw material for igniting your light. We will be shifting our perspective!

Private or couples classes – $60 per session / Group classes – $15 per session when purchased 6 sessions at a time / $20 as a walk in.
For Info About Kundalini Yoga & Art Workshops Scheduled in St. Croix, VI & Ashville. NC

Wedding Shower?
Birthday Party?
Social Event?
Business Need?

Kundalini Yoga Basics
Why:  Classes will offer pranayama, warm up, an individual kriya or set for a particular body function or system, guided meditation and relaxation.

Kundalini Chakra Yoga
Why: Class will offer information, yoga, and meditation for the purpose of opening and strengthening chakra energy.

Kundalini Yoga and Meditation
Why:  To focus on opening the body, mind, and spirit for meditative experiences and to practice a variety of Meditation and Mudra

TAKE-MAKE time in your life to TAKE Charge, MAKE Change.  CO-CREATE!  Give Kundalini Yoga three tries.  You will LOVE it!
Private and duo classes as well as two week training residency offered  in Savannah at ‘Shakti Pad’.  Check Air BnB listing in Savannah, Shakti Pad, to book. for more about YOGA and ZemiZen!


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  1. Jennifer Ramsay Pfuhl

    Cindy has the ability to engage and inspire. She has an uncanny gift which helps her students realize their innate creativity and vitality. She has a knack for bringing like minds and spirits together. I have done yoga with her, made art with her, and participated in many of her creative events. It has always been the greatest of pleasures.


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