from Amanda Warehime— “Cindy possesses impressive knowledge of this particular discipline and is extremely adept at relaying all levels of instruction, including not only the poses and sequences, but the philosophy and spiritual side as well. Her lessons are energetic, well-rounded, challenging, and always with purpose. She pulls together meaningful sets that full address a given area, be it chakra balancing or simply a full body workout. Her lessons and sets are never the same twice, making practicing with her always refreshing and different. Cindy is very safety conscious, giving pose modifications should a student needs to address physical limitations or avoid injury. On the ther hand, she will readily tell you how to modify the pose the further challenge yourself when you are ready! By this philosophy, she helps her students to grow their practice to the best of their ability. Of the yoga disciplines I have tried and instructors I have studied under, Cindy is one of the best!” from Stephen Cohen— “Her varied background in education, art and Yoga enhances the educational environment she offers to her students. I can attest to her sterling academic manner, exemplary attendance and her ability to work well with others in a variety of group situations. It is not often that you see an individual of this caliber on this small Caribbean Island environment, and we are thankful for her contributions.  It is even more rare when such qualities are combined with a cheerful and enthusiastic demeanor.  She has achieved a level of self-confidence that, in my opinion, she can achieve anything she sets her mind to.  She is motivated, ambitious and focused. Ms Cindy Male is undoubtedly the type of instructor that could enrich your educational environment.  Her natural abilities, combined with her work ethic, academically and socially, serve her well.”


  1. Missy Gentile

    Cindy Male is my Kundalini Yoga teacher. Her knowledge is deep and comprehensive. She disseminates this knowledge to her students with expertise and precision. A true “Master” and Yogi. She is a motivator and a role model. An innovator and exquisite Artist! A journeywoman that makes a decision and sticks to the plan. She DREAMS BIG!
    She has a line of clothing that can be worn not only for yoga but for any occasion or activity. I purchased two of her shirts from her ZEMI ZEN line. I wear them during my Yoga practice and also when playing tennis….they move the way my body moves….natural and free! Really fantastic! Thank you Cindy for inspiring me to go through new doors.

  2. -- Rhea Abramson, former student

    An amazing teacher and soul. Cindy shaped my love of art, art history and architecture. She changed me forever and made my life richer.


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