The Dogma of Everyday Affairs

My opinions have been formulated through responses to life situations with either a “yes”, or a “no”.  Anything else leaves no real response. It seems to me that my opinions have less and less importance each year.  Of more importance is my mode of operation.  Opinions are the dogma of everyday affairs, but one’s consciousness determines how one moves through the world.
My personal experience has affirmed that one can “see” beyond time and space, “dance” out of body travel and “glimpse” into the future or the past.  I have learned to trust my intuitions and am familiar with the internal signals of being.  To sink into the knowledge and energies of the universe taps resources that extend the rational mind.  This Ashe, pranna, one light, one sound has been written about by masters and mystics of all religions, new age literature, and philosophers THROUGHOUT history. But, to actually move through life using this wisdom requires the development of skills in asking, listening, and receiving.  This type of awareness is being investigated by MANY who would like to move the human species up a notch.
My life’s work has been an investigation of this ground zero energy, the Absolute Infinite, and the computer technology that has allowed us to fuse belief, myth, and rational investigation through math and science.  The patterning that runs through all that exists, like fiber optics or DNA, unites and completes every valence of life.  I continue to try, through my images, to make “real” on each ordinary day, the unordinary.  The images reference and reaffirm.  Nameless other artists are doing the same thing.  We are in a classical art period in that artists are thinking new thoughts, seeing new images, and working hard to understand them and synthesize them into existence.  There are new ideas and with new ideas come new art.  There is a very immediate need for new images of communication to encourage this movement along.  Any attempt to encourage one’s creativity is a step closer to achieving new ways of being.  I continue to say that the creative endeavor brings us closer to the true image of God, in whatever form your tradition has known that entity.  And it is within our power to have peace, it is within our mind’s capacity to have peace.  Let us begin this New Year on whatever date your tradition begins it, with the consciousness that peace is a state of mind.  GO THERE.  Do the things that you need to do for yourself to GET THERE !
For only through creativity can answers be found for the current problems.  The old paradigms are just not working.  We must create a new reality.  Individually and Communally.
Draw, Write, Make music, Cook, Swim,  But, just go there.  BE THERE, and try to stay there each waking hour.
Easy ?  No.
Just do it !