I keep coming back to the old Mick Jagger line, “You don’t always get what you want, but if you try, sometimes you get what you need.”
If a person does not have the motivation to be responsible for personal needs, that is, he/she is waiting around for someone or some entity other than ‘self’ to provide food, clothing, and shelter, then that person really does not NEED anything.  Those who are providing are in need.  But if a person assumes responsibility for his/her own life style, there is a vibration, physical, mental, and spiritual, that stimulates creative energy and fulfills the needs proportionately to the assumed responsibility. Responsibility is nothing more than an affirmation of the I AM.  And so it goes that when a person begins to be responsible within his/her family and community, opportunities for gifting create need, and personal awareness of prosperity increases as needs for ‘others’ AS WELL AS for ‘self’ are manifested.  Prosperity is nothing more than the flow of goodness through the I AM. And when an individual is moving in flux with the Universal Flow of prosperity, the vibrational level increases yet again and that individual is ultimately aware of the ‘self’ as a conduit for goodness.  There is no ‘need’ and there is no ‘want’.  There is only opportunity for the exchange of goodness.  Need is nothing more than lack of awareness of I AM.  Need is nothing more than nonparticipation in the flow of universal goodness by making the choice to refuse responsibility for self enlightenment.  Why would an individual allow anyone or any entity to strip the desire for self enlightenment, thus blocking the flow of universal goodness.  Why would anyone or any entity want to strip an individual of the opportunity to become aware of self enlightenment?  Take back your birthright.  Take time in your life to affirm your I AM.  Ask for what you need to access your highest good and offer up your best gifts, not what you want for personal satisfaction. If you get what you need, what you want will quite naturally follow.