Art making and kundalini yoga allow me the opportunity to practice opening my mind to connect with the universal force field, referred to as God.  There is a connection that can be FELT.  Once awareness of this level of existence is accessed, there is a strong desire to continue research and practice to attain the maximum potential of this ‘way of being’.  It is equivalent to the highest ‘high’.  So why not just take drugs instead?   This alternative only touches the surface.   There is limitless information that can be accessed through the mind when the brain enters into an altered state of awareness or energetic brain state.  There is limitless creative energy for manifestation.  There is a different way to engage with the world around you.  This awareness is not obtainable through the five senses.  But that does not mean it is not available or does not exist.  This level of awareness has been attained and expressed by profits, mystics, artists, and others, I’m sure, throughout the ages. Now this level of existence is understood and explained through new paradigms of math and science.   In the communal sense of the word, is it each individual’s responsibility to ‘enfold’ and discover this powerful human potential.

If a person studies art history, the path of this ascension of the human race is clear.  Ken Wilber explains it quite well in his book, “Up From Eden”.   The historical significance of works of art, when viewed referencing human consciousness, are even more amazing than ever.  My Art and Consciousness workshop engages participants not only with pranayama, kundalini yoga (the yoga of self awareness and creativity), guided meditation, art, but also art history.  The idea is for the individual to recognize, use, and find direction to continue a program for expressing individual divine creativity.  Again, this word divine embodies ‘spiritual’ but it is, in reality, accessing that part of oneself that will reach other aspects of what it is to be human.  It is so very exciting.

I keep saying, the world cannot be changed politically, economically, or socially.  Michael Jackson was so right on when he said it begins with “the man in the mirror”.   I practice art making and kundalini yoga so that I might be one more person to attain a different life style from the inside out.  I want to be one more person to make a difference in the quantum leap of human consciousness.  Thus, Cindy Male, Nano Now.  I am reaching, through my daily practice, towards that nano level energy that permeates all things.